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Best culinary vacation | Food tourism Spain

June 26,2019 Eva Oscarsson 0 comments

Spanish Food Holiday: Bon Food Trip

Spanish culinary holiday November foodies food lovers

Bon Food Trip gives foodies and alike the culinary experiences together with cultural visits and a relaxing fun holiday. We organize one of a kind culinary experience, from cooking classes to food market tours and everything in between.

You get to discover and learn about Spanish gastronomy and Spanish food culture whilst enjoying a fun holiday. Our local contacts allows us to offer the best Spanish culinary vacation for foodies and alike. 

It started off as a group of Swedish entrepreneurs and friends from GoNatureTrip network go to Alicante to discover more about Spanish cuisine. Such as, local produce food,  local dishes, local farmers´ markets and orchards.

We were especially keen on finding out more about the Spanish almond. The Bon Food Trip normally takes place in November because that’s when most of us had time during the low season. Even since, we kept up with the tradition but we decided to expand. 

We would stay at Villa Balea and travel around Alicante, Elche and Rojales to taste different foods and experience the local culture. We also have a guide, Gunilla, who takes us on food tourism tours and gives us insights on different exciting dishes.

Since we are still just a small group working on request basis, so we provide personalized experience at a fair price. There’s also the possibility for personal requests, depending on feasibility, such as if you would like to explore a certain dish more.  

Previous culinary vacation

food holiday spain elche farmer market

Last year, we picked local fruits from orchards, and learned about dates in one of the many weekly farmer’s markets in Elche. Also we were taught how to cook some Spanish home dishes.

This year, we will be including an intensive cooking course by Pepe Abellán. As well as, learning to cook traditional Spanish paella rice dishes. 

However, most importantly the trip or holiday is about relaxing and having a good time!

Villa Balea is a villa situated in la Vega Baja, traditionally a agricultural hub in Alicante. Perfectly located near cities like Elche, which has a long tradition for fruits such as dates, pomegranates and olive oil.  It is a great place to stay for a unforgettable Spanish culinary holiday for foodies and food lovers.

You can send an inquiry to for bookings and information!

Over the years we tried out restaurants, recommended by locals, to try different tastes.