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March 08,2016 Eva Oscarsson 0 comments

Visit Elche

Elche is a good sized city in the Alicante province. Perfect if you want to combine shopping, history, traditions with a beach visit.

The municipality has approximately a population of 230 000 and is known for its palm parks, palm orchards and plantations. It is one of Europe´s biggest exporter of dates. The city is a mosaic of old buildings, palm groves and gardens. One of the most famous parks is the Huerto del Cura. In the gardens of Huerta de Curas, you can find palm trees that are more than 300 year old. Look out for the Imperial Palm, it is an impressive tree.

After your visit to the park, cross the street and enjoy refreshment in the gardens of  Hotel Huerto del Cura.

In one of the palm parks you can also find an adventure park.

There are several walking and bike trails around the palm groves from 2.5 to 10 km.

There’s also a big shopping district, especially for the shoe lovers, such as Outlet Elche Parque Empresarial.

After your shopping, find a nice place to eat lunch and/or visit a vineyard in Elche.

Excursion to Santa Pola

Visit the salt lake and the Salt museum, as well as the fishing harbor.

Ride or drive along the beautiful beaches of  Santa Pola towards  los Arenales del Sol.

In the village El Altet (close to the airport and the beach) you can eat a delicious lunch at Gran Bar Pomares. A restaurant operated by the third generation of the same family.

Industrial tourism in Murcia

Visit the mine district where today many of the mines are converted into museums or cultural centers. In” Agrupa  Vicenta” center they also have Flamenco festivals.

Industrial tourism in Alicante

Alicante has a long tradition of family run businesses in different fields and sectors. Many villages and towns specializes in a field. For example, in the Pinoso area they specialize in marble and wine (Casa del Mármol y el Vino), textil industry  in Alcoy, toys in Ibi (check out the toy museum).

In Elche and Elda shoe production are important industries.

If you like sweets, check out how they make the famous Christmas sweet Turron in  Jijona or go to for a chocolate tasting in Villajoyosa with the famous brand “Valor” .

On the countryside and inland

Check out Castalla on the mountain road from Alicante to Alcoy.  There’s also an old castle producing wine and olive oil.

Petrer- nice food, vineyards and castles. Check out the gitarr-festival 

Relleu,  outdoor, olive production och good local food.

Sax, an old castle , outdoor, cycle and an old historic town centre.

Cocentaina, an interesting history place as the old capital under islamic rule in the 11th century.

Novelda, known for its Architecture (modernism) and buildings, a legacy of its business community and wealthy land owners.