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March 06,2016 Eva Oscarsson 0 comments

Shopping in Alicante and the manufacturing hubs around the Alicante province is a good deal as well as a way to discover the economic development of the region.  Villa Balea  is situated 20 minuter from the shoe town Elche. Other towns with shoe production are Elda and Villena.

Estimated one in four Spanish manufactured shoes are produced in municipality of Elche and many of the Spanish brands have shops within the municipality.

A must for shoe lovers is to visit the  outlet area, not far away from the airport called “el Parque Empresarial . 

Here you can find well known Spanish brands from Alicante:

Pikolinos , produced in Elche within the Parque Empreserial. You can buy from the shop, visit the museum and enjoy a guided tour around the factory.

Panama Jack, handmade sandals and boots.The company has its origins in Elche.

Martinelli, a brand that belongs to the Pikolino-group with headquarters and shop in the  Parque Empresarial.

Mustang, a company that started back in 1967, with headquarter in Elche.

Pedro Miralles ,  started in 1959, with headquarters in  Elche

Wonders,  headquarter in  Parque Empresarial

Kelfe , Sport shoes and sneakers with headquarter in  Elche

Tips on a shopping route  with 20 shops.

Salvador Artesano, has a big outlet shop not far from the city centre.