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Services & Co are geared towards groups, companies and/ or friends looking for an active working holiday. We are happy to help you with travel tips and recommendations as well as arranging for a tailor-made trip or activity week.

Coworking is a growing trend, a way of meeting up and work in the same office space. In many cities and towns across Sweden you can see offices spaces, old departments buildings and industrial buildings being turned into a co-working space. In our experience the need to meet up like this is as big in the more rural areas of Sweden. Today your business partner might sit in the opposite end of Sweden in a small rural village. Digitalisation permits these kind of collaborations and are very handy for a big country with vast countryside areas such as in Sweden. There is however a need to once in a while meet up in real life and to talk face to face. Online-meetings are effective but somewhat boring. Many small family business owners and entrepreneurs, including myself, long to actually meet up with business partners slash friends who can provide an listening ear, insert energy into the equation of everyday business hustle and bustle and provide that special feeling of belonging to a wider circle or community.

Coworking Balea : Companies from the Swedish tourist network  GoNatureTrip has gathered at Villa Balea to try out the concept ” colleagues for a week” in a Spanish setting. It worked out perfect. We had time to develop ideas, give feedback on ideas and products, write texts for our websites and blogs .

Bon Food Trip  took place in October 2018. A group of tourist entrepeneurs traveled to Villa Balea to combine coworking with a Foodie trip. A part from fantastic dining and lunches we tried out cooking a dinner with Spanish ingredients bought at a local farmers´market. We also visited and picked fruits at orchards and bought olive oils directly from a local olive oil mill. We gained some extra kilos, in spite of long walks, and a lot of new knowledge.

Active outdoors and sports in Rojales and Ciudad Quesada- 
The Townhall has invested in building sport facilities to provide a variety of training for free. You can play tennis, futsal, basket ball 5 minutes walking distance from Villa Balea. Only 20 minutes walking distance you can play boule and soccer. There are also private bike rental companies, fitness centres and a golf course. Everything is close for you to create an active holiday for yourself, your kids and your friends. Go out in the sun and do sports. The climate is perfect in the spring, autumn and wintertime

Rent a bike and roam the country lanes or try MTB exploring the countryside and hills between Ciudad Quesada and the beach in Guardamar. Find trails and lanes for walking. hTry the active outdoor holiday. We can help you.