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Lanes and tracks

October 07,2017 Eva Oscarsson 0 comments

A growing trend of holiday makers looking for a active, healthy, safe  and eco-friendly holiday is to find the local greenway. Roads, lanes and tracks leading to a destination but with no or little traffic.

I love to just set off and explore. Sometimes I get lost and an intended short hike becomes a 4 hour walk. The good thing is that getting lost in the area around Villa Balea is not a big deal. I end up in Guardamar and can enjoy a cold drink on the beach before calling my family to pick me up or I end up in one of the roadside restaurants with tapas and a cold beer. 

Lanes and tracks for trekking or MTB close Villa Balea.

In the hills behind Ciudad Quesada in the park   “El Parque Recorral ” you can spend a day exploring the area called “Campo de Guardamar”. 

Find your way down to the Guardamar beach. Bring a lot of water and a sun hat.

Like many areas of the Spanish coast or close to the Costa Blanca coastline the construction of houses and dwellings has been intense over the last 20 years. The same goes for the inland municipalities of Southern Alicante. However as agriculture land is protected by Spanish law and the region of La Vega Baja is full of orchards, small lanes and protected nature areas. 

Enjoy the hillside of the Campo de Guardamar. Walking you will reach the water reservoirs, important to the orchards and fincas in the agriculture lands between Ciudad Quesada and Guardamar. It is a very nice area and I truly enjoy the hikes. 

My son prefers to go running. There are a lot of hills. All and all good exercise. 

It is easy to see that the area and the tracks are also used by MTB lovers. Th