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Micro excursions Ciudad Quesada

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Micro excursions Ciudad Quesada

September 23,2016 Eva Oscarsson 0 comments

Micro excursions Ciudad Quesada

Spending some lazy days around the pool and now it is time to explore the surrounding, short half day trips. If you are looking for Micro excursions Ciudad Quesada, you do not have to look much further.

 Ciudad Quesada an excellent starting point for local and nearby micro excursions. Plan a trip each day.

Art, history and culture- the village of Rojales

Visit the caves. A historical place turned into an art and cultural centre with exhibitions and performances. You can walk there from Ciudad Quesada and you get a glimpse of the old part of the village, It is a great way to catch the life of a Spanish village before tourism entered into the villagers lives.

There is also a archaeological museum in Rojales, Museo Arqueologico Paleontologico Municipal, right in the village centre in the plaza.

Get a feeling for the agricultural heritage of the area and visit the Orchard museum.


Cycling and Hiking around Ciudad Quesada 

Cycling on small roads in Campo de Guardamar, MTB in “El Recorral”, hike along the Segura river.

Ciudad Quesada is an inland residential village, situated  between the villages of Rojales and Benijofar on the one hand and the “Campo de Guardamar´s” rural area on the other side.

The villages offer a Spanish and Vega Baja lifestyle with  beautiful orange orchards, trails and tranquil rural roads. A nice trail to follow is  along the River Segura which takes you from Rojales (Ciudad Quesada golf club) to the beach of Guardamar.

El Recorral located in Ciudad Quesada southernmost limits, towards the hills of  “el Campo de Guardmar” is full of small paths for scenic walks or mountain bike adventure.

From the Aqua Park, you can walk to Rojales. Once you have rounded the first crest you will find a path that will take up in the hills. Follow paths taking you down to the hillside of Rojales, full of  alleys, caves and a conglomeration of Spanish house located along the hillside. Many of the houses are built in or around caves. The entire mountain area of Ciudad Quesada is full of caves and fossils.

Biking to the nearest beach of Guardamar de Segura. The best option is to cycle down to the golf course and then take the footpath (dirt road) along the Rio Segura. The other option is through Campo Guardmar.

Take a trip with your MTB around the orange orchards around Ciudad Quesada and go running the Guardamar hills in the winter time 


Golf, boule, basketball, fotboll, running and other sports in Ciudad Quesada 

Not far from the golf course you will also find Rojales sporting facilities with a swimming pool, soccer fields and a boule club run by the municipality.

They will lend you the Boule balls and serve you good tapas and cold beer.

There are also some petanque / boule courts in the different residential areas in both Ciudad Quesada and close by urbanizations.   There is also a Bowlsclub in Ciudad Quesads for lawn bowling

Basket ball and football on one of the outdoor sports courts in Ciudad Quesada. The closest one is by the Norwegian School. There are plenty of golf courses             

       fotboll ciudad quesada