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September 30,2016 Eva Oscarsson 0 comments

Kayaking in Torrevieja, a way to explore the coast from the Mediterranean and at the same time discover .nature, marine life, the local history and get a good workout.

While you stay at Villa Balea try to explore the different outdoor adventures offered in Alicante and Murcia. There are many local Spanish outdoor guides and companies you can choose from to experience sites and activitiies enjoyed by the local outdoor fans.

Kayaking Torrevieja

Exploring the Torrevieja coast line and its  many bays together with a guide from the local adventure company  from Aventura’t.

You will learn some of the t local legends and stories such as the one about the “Tia Arugula” and the pirate cave.

You stop at the underwater source in  “Cala de la Zorra”,  paddle past the Torre del Moro ( ,built in the early 1300’s) and cross  into the bays of  Cala de los Trabajos, Cala Tia Roqueta, Cala el  Gambon, Cala la Zorra y Cala del Moro. Stop in which you can to gather strength to paddle on, enjoy the sun and exploring the marine wildlife in the crystal clear water.

Your route will be adjusted to your  level of fitness. A great outdoor activity for the whole family on your holidays in Torrevieja.

Contact us if you have any questions, we can help with the first contact.

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