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Mountain excursion Alicante

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Mountain excursion Alicante

November 02,2015 Eva Oscarsson 0 comments

Look for an active Mountain Holiday in Alicante and Murcia. There are many mountain ranges to choose from. You can treek, climb and cycle

Treek, bike and excursions

Check out national parks  and hike and cycling trails.

Vias Verdes, or the green routes are a nice alternative for car-free trails and routes. The “Maigmó”  trail is 22 km  and starts north Sant Vicent del Raspeig.  For more pictures Via Verde Maigmó.

Climbing in Alicante

Check out the climbing federation “Federació d’Esports de Muntanya i Escalada de la Comunitat Valenciana “.


Not far from Ciudad Quesada is the town  Crevillente and the mountain range “Sierra de Crevillente”. For more information on climbing and hiking .

The Orihuela mountain range

One of the closest mountain ranges to Villa Balea is the Orihuela Mountain range crossing the border between the Alicante and Murcia provinces. The mountain range is low with the highest peak 634 meter above sea level. Nevertheless the terrain is varied and hiking is good.

Hiking trails in  Orihuela

PICO DEL AGUDO  6,12 km at  555 meters above sea level. 4 hours hike on a marked trail. See map of trail

RAIGUERO DE LEVANTE-CORRALITO-LEJA MILLALON P.R. V-59 – a round trip hike, approx. 7 km at a height of 594 km. A four hour hike. The trail is marked.
See MapPUNTO GEODESICO (orihuela) P.R. V-59  – A 18 km hike at a height of 963 meter. A 5 hours treek. The trail is marked.  Ni går i en cirkel, ca 18 km höjd 963 meter. See map of trail.


Also check out tips sites  , blogs  and guide books

 Villa JoiosaSierra de BerniaTorrevieja if you want to join a walking club.

There are also guide companies arranging mountain excursions in Torrevieja and in  Santa Pola